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Connecting California's Capital Region businesses and professionals to the resources they need to succeed. Action Items podcast is a product of Comstock's magazine.
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Apr 12, 2017

Celestine Syphax and Clay Nutting join host Tre Borden to discuss supporting the arts economy, and collaboration between established and grassroots artistic movements. 

Music: "Thinking Time" by Lunaverse; "Motivation" by Scott Holmes

Apr 11, 2017

Studies show certain foods preserve cognition into the twilight years ... but can brain foods make you smarter today?

Written by Jeff Wilser; read by Allen Young
Apr 4, 2017

After a rough few years, Sacramento Valley rice farmers are supplementing crop profits with environmental stewardship


Written by Sena Christian; read by Allen Young

Mar 29, 2017

Communications strategist Cassandra Pye and Josh Wood, CEO of Region Business join host Tre Borden to discuss the fragile mixing of politics with business.

Music: "Thinking Time" by Lunaverse; "Motivation" by Scott Holmes

Mar 28, 2017

Is entrepreneur fandom hurting business creation? 

Written by Allen Young; read by Robin Epley

Mar 21, 2017

Generation Z left the tech transition in the dust — how will that impact their role in our economy?

Written by Jeff Wilser, read by Allen Young

Mar 15, 2017

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Oak Park Neighborhood Association president Katie Valenzuela Garcia discuss neighborhood preservation as it relates to economic development.

Music: "Thinking Time" by Lunaverse; "Motivation" by Scott Holmes

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